The halfbred races are mixtures of men and other races; it appears men can mate with many races. What this means is quite a debate that rages perpetually among sages interested in such matters.

Half-elves are the most common of the halfbreeds, but there are also examples of half-orcs and half-ogres. There are reputedly others in wild traveler tales, although the have been no substantiated reports of half-goblinoids.

Possible halfbred races

Some sages say halflings are the mixture of men and an unknown race, but it is not known if this is true or not. In fact, it seems halflings cannot mate with men.

Stories and eyewitness accounts tell of a species of creature called a trollkin that is a short (approximately 4'), warty humanoid with rubbery skin but the face of a man. Some have wondered if it is a strange halfbreed of man and troll.