The elves are a race of extremely long-lived humanoids of slight stature compared to men. They convene in nature, especially forests, and feel ill at ease in the cities of men. They may be found many places, but the center of their society is Gralwood.

Elves have a natural affinity with magic, which develops naturally throughout their lives. As well, some elves become adept with the Arts, but refuse to follow proscription of The Church against their use. Oddly, there has been no known instance of a witch hunter even seeking out an elf for their use of magic, but most elves use discretion so that they do not become the first.

Elves strike men as not quite right; this is not helped by the aloofness of elves, which do not like physical contact and only slowly befriend those of other races. There is something otherworldly and fey about them. As they move some rustle like leaves; if you can get close enough to one to look at their hair it almost appears to be branches covered in leaves rather than hair. In the winter, they turn grey and listless, and in summer they look vibrant and colorful. In the fall many elves' hair turn vibrant oranges and red.

Elves have few children and take more than the lifetime of a Man to achieve maturity. Some say each elf's life is tied to a tree, and one goes as the other does. They are flighty and, since they seem to have all the time in the world, will treat many matters as such.

Elves cannot stand the touch of ferrous materials, and thus cannot use iron or steel weapons, armor or tools.