The township of Threshold

Threshold is a small township recently established on the edge of the County of Dunfalcon. It has recently become a magnet for those seeking their fortunes.


Threshold used to be little more than a few farms sharing communal grazing lands, a small fort that garrisoned a dozen men, a local shrine of The Great Church marked with a statue of Saint Aleena and travelers inn for the caravans that passed through. It was a quiet place between Morn and Dunfalcon, but after the fall of The Empire it was abandoned as indefensible.

Since the discoveries of treasure nearby The Count sent his captain of the guard and a detachment of men to reclaim the fort and secure his claims to the land. Since then a veritable tent city is springing up around town and the excitement of the influx of fortune-seekers, opportunists and other desperate individuals is only drowned out by the near-constant din of construction.


Threshold's population of locals is hard to pin down, but it is definitely more than 300 when the contingent of soldiers of the Count are figured in. However, a recent census taken by the Count's tax collector found that there was almost 2000 individuals in the town at times, and it seems to grow a bit with the arrival of each caravan.