There are a few city-states that make up the primary population centers of the Known World today, all cities that survived The Sundering. All are led by progeny of the line of nobility of The Empire.

The city-states, in order of power and influence, are:

  • Arthos, a militaristic and aggressive city-state that often threatens its neighbors with violence. The Baron of Arthos is believed to be untrustworthy by others of the noble families.
  • Skandur is the remains of the great underground kingdom of the Dwarves; it used to extend deep beneath the earth but they are at constant war with the Chaos bubbling forth from the earth to attempt to retake their halls under the rule of Landgraf Gomgnur.
  • Dunfalcon, the furthest west and led by Count Ralford; the Ralfords are considered enlightened, promoting education of the populace and exploration of the wilds outside the County.