The Great Church

The Great Church is essentially a simple-minded representation of the Catholic Church in fantasy trappings. It is a monotheistic church with a central authority structure and various ecclesiastical orders.

The seat of The Great Church is in the city-state of Orlan, headed by Cardinal Omnus.

Most lawful clerics will belong to The Great Church.


The history of The Church is steeped in some mystery because much has been lost since The Sundering; it is believed that much of the information about its beginnings are held close to the vest of the Bishops of the church. However, it is also known that The Church is often quite secretive in general, so it may be they know nothing and simply like to give the impression they know more than they do.

Since The Sundering, the only real organization with any authority left across all the settlements of the Known World was The Church. They shouldered the burden of finding those who remained and attempting to hold the last vestiges of The Empire together. Even now The Church sponsors most travel between cities and outposts of the Known World.

After The Sundering, the church declared the use of magic illegal. It trains and employs witch hunters to find those that run afoul of The Church and dispatch them without mercy. The Church has fallen short of condemning those who practice the old ways, as in many places the old ways were practiced in conjunction with the strictures of The Church (e.g., think “Louisiana Catholic”) and also wanting to make a “big tent” to bring pagans back into the sway.


The Great Church's worship centers around The One, although much of the worship is also practiced through veneration of saints and martyrs.


  • Magic that is not of The One is against the natural order and should be limited or shunned outright.
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