Currency And Commerce


After The Sundering the common currency used in The Empire fell to the wayside as it was a fiat currency to an extent. Without a true central authority other than The Church, there was no way to enforce the value being above the actual base value of the material itself.

Over the generations, the use of hacksilver and other trade in weights of metal and gemstone has become common as it is an easily-portable container of value that is widely accepted. Also, direct barter in trade and fine goods is not uncommon.


Heavily-guarded caravans typically travel fixed trade routes between settlements. Such caravans are usually organized by The Church as missions between places of worship, but rarely a merchant in a larger city will organize one. Normally it is the only way that most people of the Known World travel now, since journeying between the far-flung outposts of civilization is so dangerous since the fall of The Empire.

It is not uncommon for a caravan to reach a settlement, only to find it empty of all souls or outright burned or razed to the ground. Additionally, it is not uncommon for caravans to be attacked or harassed nearly the entire trip between points of their journey.