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Another adventurer lost in the dungeon Welcome to the website for Embers of Empire, an upcoming Labyrinth Lord campaign!

The wiki is definitely a work-in-progress at this point. Currently I'm building a setting, one article at a time. Instead of trying to be complete out of the gate I am working on gameable content. That way, I hope we actually get to start gaming.

The campaign elevator pitch

It's said that every undertaking involving others needs an elevator pitch, so here goes:

“I know it's hard to believe that in the last age The Empire spanned the known world, but it's true! Incredibly, despite its expansiveness it could be traversed as rapidly as the sun crosses the sky, or even faster! The whole of the Known World, ruled benevolently! It was an incredible age of learning, wealth and power.

“In time, though, Chaos came from without and took root within. Its tendrils grew and infested The Empire, eventually strangling it and severing its ties, leaving its scattered peoples to their own fates. All that remains today is a dwindling number of city-states and, worse yet, bloodthirsty warlords built amongst the ruins.

“At The College we heard the stories about a mysterious scoundrel near Threshold who claims he discovered vast riches in the wilds beyond the frontier along with other tales of strange beasts and magic being found. When I inquired with local merchants it was said that he paid in strange coins and stones rather than hacksilver. The stories say he found them in the ruins of Morn, but that's yet to be ascertained.

“But then, I am sure you've heard the same rumors as well, friend. That is likely why you are here from the looks of you. I hope your sword arm is as strong as your stomach if you'll be eating Perrel's cooking before you set out!”

Tepanir, in the taproom of The Orc and the Pie

This is an old-school sandbox campaign based on equally old-school rules and sensibilities and structured to fit into the busy lives of adults.

Beginner and veteran players alike are welcome! New characters will be rolled before play begins or you may use a pre-generated character.

The premise is simple: a fallen civilization ripe for plunder, with a greater backstory and mystery should you seek to find it.

The goal? Kill monsters, take their stuff and have fun. Sound good? Then grab some dice and pass the Cheetos!

2015/08/14 17:20 · Killer DM